Design Information

  • Frame Concept

  • Minimal main frame

  • Minimal glazing elements Horizontal Plane

  • Minimal glazing elements Vertical Plane

  • Rolling & movement

  • Thermal properties

  • Glass

  • Technical Support

Combining the 2 materials into one creates self-supporting glass. We have been able to reduce the frame size dramatically by using the glass to help support itself. This is done by fixing a specially designed profile around the glass and adding mullion and handle profiles for finishing.

Fully exposed at only 44mm or fully concealed design options. The self-supporting concept for Pellucid fixed and sliding glass means frames are kept to a minimal height, this allows for the frame to be either fully exposed at a height or 44mm, semi exposed at 32mm of fully concealed in the floor, walls & ceiling.

Through design we have removed the need for excessive framing. As the aluminium and glass have now become 1, need for adding bulky framing elements on the top and bottom of any fixed or moving glass has been eliminated. This has now reduced any visible frame beyond the already hidden main frame to only 15mm at the base and 5mm at the top.

Maximizing views by minimizing frames to only 20mm width. The same self-supporting principles apply for reducing the width of vertical glazing frames, we have been able to reduce this to only 20mm between any adjoining fixed or sliding panels regardless of the size, height, double or triple glazing options.

Challenging historical concepts in sliding door track design. Another unique design feature of Pellucid sliding doors and windows is having the floor mounted tracks supporting the weight of the door as opposed to other systems that hang, this allows architects more freedom of design regarding glass size, thickness and loads, this is achieved using a series of precision stainless steel roller bearings positioned in the floor mounted track.

Offering options to the level of energy efficiency you require. As energy efficiency is paramount in the world today, we have taken this to a higher level than most other systems. All of our frames have a 100% thermal break from inside to out. So whether your escaping the heat, cold or noise, using a thermally insulated frame with insulated glass takes energy efficiency to the next level & reduces your energy bills.

Options include tinted, patterned, privacy, solar and insulating gases. We can offer a wide range of glazing solutions from a simple clear double glazed IGU (Insulated Glazing Unit) to some more interesting options like-

Glass coloured tints, patterned or digital printed laminates

Switchable privacy glass that changes from opaque to clear

Low-E, Solar-E coatings & insulating gases for added thermal insulation and even Fire resistant glass.

Shop drawings, installation, training and engineering. Pellucid technical staff will work one on one with architects directly on all aspects of our products, their capabilities and applications, we are available from design stage to final installation for support service and will provide shop drawings, including installation and finishing details. Pellucid products will be installed by our trained and skilled network of partners.